Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy A9: Extensions to existing dwellings


Well-designed extensions of residential properties, and/or the erection of outbuildings incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling, will be granted planning permission where they satisfy all of the following criteria:

  1. The plot size of the existing property is large enough to accommodate the extension or outbuilding without resulting in a cramped or overdeveloped site. Proposals that result in an inappropriate increase in the scale, form or footprint of the original building will not be permitted; and
  2. The height, size, design and the external facing materials of the extension or outbuilding are in keeping with the scale and character of the existing dwelling and its wider setting; and
  3. The living conditions of neighbouring occupiers are not unduly harmed by the proposal as a result of overlooking, overshadowing, or overbearing development.

3.1.51 A well-designed home extension can be a good way of providing additional accommodation and an improved living environment. An extension can improve the overall quality and efficiency of a home, as well as improving its flexibility to enable for example, working from home, better access, space for growing or extended families and allow residents to remain in their home and community even if their circumstances change.

3.1.52 The City Council seeks a high standard of design to house extensions to ensure that the extension is appropriate in terms of the character of the existing property, the surrounding street scene, and causes no unreasonable harm to those living in or around the property and to their enjoyment of their homes.

3.1.53 Further guidance can be found in the Supplementary Planning Document 'Home Extension Guide' and any subsequent iteration.