Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy B3: New employment development and intensification and improvements to existing employment land

Development proposals for new 'B' class employment development, and/or to improve the quality of accommodation, the environment and intensify the use of existing employment sites will be supported where the following criteria are met:

  1. Any increase in traffic can be accommodated by the transport network; and
  2. Satisfactory vehicular access, parking and maneuvering space can be provided; and
  3. The proposal would not result in significant adverse impact on the amenity of neighbouring uses, particularly residential properties; and
  4. The scale and design of the proposal is compatible with the character of the location; and
  5. It would not result in unacceptable adverse environmental impacts, for example in terms of noise, air, water, soil or light pollution.

Proposals for limited non-B class uses will be supported where they are genuinely ancillary / complementary to the primary use of the site for B class uses. Where such uses are defined as 'main town centres uses', they will be considered in the context of Adopted JCS Policy SD2 'Retail and City / Town Centres'.

3.2.17 Policy SP2 of the Adopted Joint Core Strategy (JCS) identifies a need for 192ha of new employment land across the JCS area. Gloucester is a small urban authority with a finite supply of land and therefore the opportunity to allocate land with the administrative area is limited. Most new employment land therefore has to come forward through the adopted JCS on strategic allocations outside of the City Council's administrative area. JCS Policy SD1 further supports employment development at locations allocated for employment development within Gloucester City and for the redevelopment of existing sites or the change of use from non-B class employment to B class where of an appropriate scale and character. This policy goes a step further in specifically supporting the intensification of existing employment sites where they meet set criteria.

3.2.18 The city's existing employment stock makes an important contribution to the economy of the city and the wider county and region and, in light of the above, it is fundamentally important that the very best use of made of existing employment stock, whilst ensuring the impacts of doing so are adequately considered and addressed.

3.2.19 The City Council's Employment Land Review (2019), Economic Growth Strategy (2019) and Strategy Options for the City of Gloucester (2017) point to an excellent supply of existing employment land within the city, which overall meets of and is attractive to the business community. However, it also identifies that there are opportunities for environmental improvements and/or intensification that could support increased productivity/economic growth and the needs of growing businesses. This is particularly true within the city centre where concerns around the quality of the environment has been identified as an issue in attracting businesses to the area.

3.2.20 In some circumstances additional uses within employment areas can provide an important local service within employment areas. In order to maintain the primary function of B use class employment sites, these will be genuinely ancillary to and, where constituting 'main town centres uses', assessed in accordance with the sequential test and impact test.