Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy D3: Recording and advancing understanding of heritage assets


Where development reveals, alters or damages a heritage asset, the City Council will require developers to record and advance the understanding of the significance of that asset prior to, and/or during development. The method used will be dependent on the nature of the impact and upon the significance of the asset. The developer will be responsible for the dissemination of any record created.

3.4.17 The heritage of the city belongs to everyone who lives, works or visits Gloucester. As custodians of the historic environment it is important to ensure that an accurate record of Gloucester's Heritage is documented and maintained through the Gloucestershire Historic Environment record, and that this information is made public and can be freely used by the City Council and its residents.

3.4.18 Mitigation will be undertaken in accordance with a 'Written Scheme of Investigation' approved by the City Council. Mitigation may include (but is not restricted to):

  • Historic building recording;
  • Archaeological watching brief;
  • Archaeological evaluation;
  • Archaeological excavation; and
  • Preservation in situ by design.

3.4.19 All new information gathered from investigations and mitigation will be appropriately disseminated and any archive material deposited with the Museum of Gloucester or other appropriate repository. Opportunities will be sought for community engagement, education and outreach activities to be integrated into any mitigation works. Dissemination may include (but is not restricted to):

  • Public engagement and outreach;
  • Interpretation and public art;
  • Submitting of reports to the Historic Environment Record;
  • Publication of results in appropriate journals; and
  • Deposition of archives in appropriate repositories.