Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy G1: Sustainable transport

The Council will work closely with Gloucestershire County Council and other organisations regarding all local transport matters. The Council will take direction from the Transport Implementation Strategy, policies of the Joint Core Strategy and Gloucestershire Local Transport Plan and the Gloucester City Plan Highways Assessment with regard to the priority projects for implementation, including the capital and revenue funded transport projects identified in the city.

The policies set out in the JCS and the Gloucestershire Local Transport Plan will also be used for development management matters and planning application decision making.

New development shall provide car parking and cycle provision in accordance with the latest version of Gloucestershire Manual for Streets and any subsequent amendments.

The City Council strongly supports and encourages improvements to the sustainable transport network.

3.7.10 The provision of transport projects and improvements is a fast moving and changing activity and closely linked to more general development delivery activities especially those that are planned through the JCS. Setting policies in the city plan for each specific piece of potential transport infrastructure is not considered necessary and would become out of date very quickly. The Gloucestershire Local Transport Plan performs this role better than the GCP can and will be frequently updated. The JCS also provides a transport strategy and policy context for the consideration of transport issues in the development management process. This is appropriate given the significance of joint working in the county and the likelihood that this will continue. In addition, to support the delivery of the quantum of development proposed within the city, a Highways Assessment has been undertaken. This identifies interventions necessary on the highway network necessary to support the GCP.

3.7.11 At present, buses and taxis operating within the city are fuelled by petrol/diesel. The City Council supports a move away from vehicles that use fossil fuels to the use renewable sources. Applications for infrastructure to support this, such as electric charging points, will be supported where they comply with other policies with the JCS and GCP.

3.7.12 Further information on Car Parking in new residential developments, Cycle Storage, Active Design, Air Quality and Pollution can be found in the Design and Health and Wellbeing sections of this plan.