Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy SA03: Former Prospect House, 67-69 London Road

Ward / Postcode / GeoRef

Kingsholm and Wotton / GL1 3HF / E: 383906 N: 218911

Gross Site Area:

0.35 ha.


Approximately 30 residential dwellings. There is an expectation that the main existing building with be refurbished/repurposed.

Description and overview

A redundant office block in a prominent location on the corner of London Road and Heathville Road. The premises have been marketed by the landowner for a considerable period but have been vacant for several years. The site offers the opportunity for the redevelopment to provide a higher density residential scheme, in a location supported by high frequency public transport and near to the city centre and public transport hub.

Site specific requirements and opportunities

Design and layout

  • Improve the architectural appearance of the buildings and the streetscene.
  • Careful consideration to be given to the relationship between the site and the existing residential properties on Heathville Road. Improve the public realm along London Road.

Historic environment

  • Site located within the London Road Conservation Area; new development must therefore positively respond to the London Road Conservation Area Appraisal and Management document.
  • Archaeological Assessment given proximity of location to Roman Road.
  • Refer to detailed Site Historic Environment Assessment (November 2016) which concludes that development would be allowed with mitigation.


  • Green roofs/walls should be utilised.
  • Creation of bat habitat and roosts as well as swift blocks and the provision for house martins.