Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Strategic policies and proposals in the Joint Core Strategy & Gloucester City Plan

6.1 For Gloucester the majority of strategic policies are contained within the JCS. A full list of strategic and non-strategic policies contained within the development plan as a whole are as follows:          

Joint Core Strategy 2011-2031 – Strategic Policies

Paragraph 2.2 - Vision

Paragraph 2.35 – Strategic Objectives 1 to 9

Policy SP1 – The Need for New Development

Policy SP2 - Distribution of New Development

Policy SD1 - Employment

Policy SD2 - Retail and City / Town Centres

Policy SD3 - Sustainable Design and Construction

Policy SD4 – Design

Policy SD5 – Green Belt

Policy SD6 - Landscape

Policy SD7 - AONB

Policy SD8 Historic Environment

Policy SD9 – Biodiversity and Geodiversity

Policy SD10 – Residential Development

Policy SD11 - Housing Mix and Standards

Policy SD12 – Affordable Housing

Policy SD13: GTTS

Policy SD14 – Health and Environmental Quality

Policy SA1 - Strategic Allocations

Policy INF1 – Transport Network

Policy INF2 - Flood Risk Management

Policy INF3 – Green Infrastructure

Policy INF4 - Social and Community Infrastructure

Policy INF5 – Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Energy Development

Policy INF6 – Infrastructure Delivery

Policy INF7 – Developer contributions

Policy SA1 - Strategic Allocations

Gloucester City Plan 2011-2031 – Strategic Policies


Key Principles

Policy A2: Affordable Housing Policy

Policy A6: Accessible and adaptable homes

B2: Safeguarding employment sites

Policy B3: New employment development and intensification and improvements to existing employment land

Policy C6: Cordon sanitaire

Policy E8: Development affecting Cotswold Beechwoods Special Area of Conservation

Policy F6: Nationally Described Space Standards

Policy G8: Review mechanism

Site Allocations SA01 to SA22

Policy SA01: Land at the Wheatridge

Policy SA02: Land at Barnwood Manor

Policy SA03: Former Prospect House, 67-69 London Road

Policy SA04: Former Wessex House, Great Western Road

Policy SA05: Land at Great Western Road Sidings

Policy SA06: Blackbridge Sports and Community Hub

Policy SA07: Lynton Fields, Land East of Waterwells Business Park

Policy SA08: King’s Quarter

Policy SA09: Former Quayside House, Blackfriars

Policy SA10: Former Fleece Hotel & Longsmith Street Car Park

Policy SA11: Land rear of St Oswalds Retail Park

Policy SA12: Land at Rea Lane, Hempsted

Policy SA13: Former Colwell Youth & Community Centre

Policy SA14: Land off New Dawn View

Policy SA15: Land South West of Winneycroft Allocation

Policy SA16: Land off Lower Eastgate Street

Policy SA17: Land South of Triangle Park (Southern Railway Triangle)

Policy SA18: Jordan’s Brook House

Policy SA19: Land off Myers Road

Policy SA20: White City Replacement Community Facility

Policy SA21: Part of West Quay, the Docks

Policy SA22: Land adjacent to Secunda Way Industrial Estate

Gloucester City Plan (2011-31) – Non-Strategic Policies

Policy A1: Effective use of land and buildings

Policy A3: Estate regeneration

Policy A4: Student accommodation

Policy A5: Specialist housing - Housing choice for older, frail and disabled people

Policy A7: Self build and custom build homes

Policy A8: Static caravan sites

Policy A9: Extensions to existing dwellings

Policy A10: Annexes to existing dwellings

Policy B1: Employment and skills plans

Policy B4: Development within and adjacent to Gloucester Docks and Canal

Policy B5: Tourism and culture

Policy B6: Protection of public houses

Policy C1: Active design and accessibility

Policy C2: Allotments

Policy C3: Open space, playing fields and sports facilities

Policy C4: Hot food takeaways

Policy C5: Air quality

Policy C7: Fall prevention from taller buildings

Policy C8: Changing Places Toilets

Policy D1: Historic environment

Policy D2: Non-designated heritage assets

Policy D3: Recording and advancing understanding of heritage assets

Policy D4: Shopfronts, shutters and signs

Policy D5: Views of the Cathedral and historic places of worship

Policy E1: Landscape character and sensitivity

Policy E2: Biodiversity and geodiversity

Policy E3: Nature Recovery Area

Policy E4: Trees, woodlands and hedgerows

Policy E5: Green Infrastructure: Building with Nature

Policy E6: Flooding, sustainable drainage, and wastewater

Policy E7: Renewable energy potential of the River Severn and the canal

Policy F1: Materials and finishes

Policy F2: Landscape and planting

Policy F3: Community safety

Policy F4: Gulls

Policy F5: Open plan estates

Policy G1: Sustainable transport

Policy G2: Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Policy G3: Cycling

Policy G4: Walking

Policy G5: Broadband connectivity

Policy G6: Telecommunications infrastructure

Policy G7: Water Efficiency

Article 4 Directions

6.2 Gloucester currently has two Article 4 directions, at St Michael's Square and Southgate Street Conservation Area. Full details can be found online