Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Joint Core Strategy

1.3 The Joint Core Strategy (JCS) is a partnership between Gloucester City Council, Cheltenham Borough Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council. It is a strategic plan that covers a twenty-year period between 2011 and 2031, addressing cross-boundary planning matters including housing need for each of the local authorities, the need for employment land and strategic site allocations. The constrained nature of both Gloucester City and Cheltenham Borough and resulting lack of land to provide for future development needs, meant it was necessary for sites to be identified in Tewkesbury Borough to support the required levels of growth. This conforms with JCS strategy which is to maximise urban capacity, alongside the identification of 'urban extensions 'to the main urban areas of Gloucester and Cheltenham. This is so as to concentrate new development in and around the existing urban areas to meet their needs, to balance housing and employment needs, and provide new development close to where it is needed and where it can benefit from the existing and enhanced sustainable transport network. The JCS was formally adopted by all three local authorities in December 2017. Together, the JCS and GCP form the Local Plan for Gloucester and should be read together when preparing planning proposals.

1.4 The review has now begun and an 'Issues and Options' consultation was held between November 2018 and January 2019. This includes a focused and accelerated review of the retail and city/town centre policies which are already progressing. Further information is available on the JCS website at