Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan


  1. The GCP aims to be aspirational but also to be realistic. The NPPF requires local authorities to take a positive approach that delivers sustainable development, reflecting the three central considerations; environmental, social and economic.
    1. The GCP Vision to 2031 has evolved throughout the process and the starting point is the City Vision, which is, 'Gloucester will be a flourishing, modern and ambitious city, which all residents can enjoy.' This is then taken further through five 'key aims', which are; (1) A flourishing economy and city centre which meets the needs of our residents, businesses and visitors; (2) A vibrant evening economy; (3) A city which improves through regeneration and development; (4) A city where people feel safe and happy in their community; and (5) A healthy city with opportunities available to all.
    2. This has been taken further to reflect the Council plan, strategies, plans and evidence around issues and opportunities in creating a Vision for the GCP, which is as follows:
    3. Between 2011 and 2031 the city Council, together with its partners, stakeholders and the community will work together in positively delivering the Joint Core Strategy and Gloucester City Plan.

      During this time significant progress will have been made in the regeneration of the City Centre and elsewhere within Gloucester. The city will be a flourishing, healthy, modern and ambitious City, where people feel safe and happy in their community and are proud to live and work.

      Gloucester will grow as an economy and make a significant contribution to the wider economy of Gloucestershire, building on its strengths as a business location, whilst supporting business growth and expansion within the city itself.

      A significant number of new decent homes will have been delivered in a way that reflects the type and tenure needed by the local community and that supports economic growth.

      Health and wellbeing will be improved through the protection and provision of active streets, open and green spaces, woods and trees, playing fields, community infrastructure, environmental quality, connectivity and access.

      New development will be built to the highest possible standard of design, focused on protecting the quality and local distinctiveness of the city, whilst responding to the implications of climate change.

      Gloucester's unique heritage, culture, and natural environment will be safeguarded and enhanced to create a highly attractive place that all residents and visitors can enjoy.