Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Introduction and context

3.1.1 There is a significant shortage of housing in the UK and this problem has persisted for decades. Not enough homes are being built to meet current or future needs and Gloucester is certainly not immune from this major social and economic issue. Gloucester's population is growing, but the city is physically constrained by the M5 to the east and floodplain to the west and is not able to meet its housing needs without formal cooperation with its neighboring authorities. Through the adopted JCS the urban extensions to Gloucester (geographically in Tewkesbury Borough) will make an important contribution to meeting housing needs up to 2031. However, further allocations are made through the GCP and it is important that the most effective use of these sites is made of these development opportunities and that residential development delivers the range of housing required to meet the city's needs. Further information on the city's housing requirement, delivery and site allocations made through the GCP is provided at Section 4 - Site allocations.

3.1.2 When people have decent, affordable and secure housing this acts as a foundation for healthy and happy communities and stable family lives. Ideally good housing needs to be close to schools, healthcare and public transport links. Good housing improves environmental and economic wellbeing and helps to create stronger communities and places that can act as a draw to investment and skilled workers.

3.1.3 The policies in this chapter specifically reflect City Plan Key Principles 1, 3, 6 and 10. The GCP aims to create a policy framework whereby the needs of all types of households are met. The plan seeks to support families, single people, students, self-builders, the elderly and those with disabilities or particular special needs. Based on the NPPF, Policy A1 provides the overall driver which seeks to use land and buildings effectively and efficiently. If this is achieved, then there is a greater prospect of a. achieving higher densities which will increase the supply of homes and b. protecting and preserving sites which need to be protected for their natural environmental value.

3.1.4 Further information in relation to policies in this section is provided in the Housing Background Paper, available to download from the City Council's website.