Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy A3: Estate regeneration

There is a general presumption to support the regeneration of housing estates where the following criteria are met:

  1. The physical condition of the housing stock is poor (i.e. the dwellings are substandard, or demonstrably not fit for purpose in the short-medium term); and/or
  2. There is an area-specific socio-economic justification for re-development led regeneration, considered alongside alternative options for re-modelling or refurbishment;

If the criteria above are met, proposals must then meet the following:

  1. The proposal has been properly master-planned; and
  2. The existing strengths of the locality, both the built and natural environment and the community assets, are identified and positively improved upon as part of any regeneration; and
  3. The local community has been actively engaged in shaping the proposals; and
  4. The proposal provides suitable type and tenure housing choices to meet the needs of existing residents and the needs of the wider city; and
  5. The proposal promotes strong and thriving communities by providing community facilities, open spaces, retail and other economic opportunities at an appropriate level to meet the needs of the existing and expanded community; and
  6. The proposal can demonstrate that development led regeneration delivers positive socio- economic benefits for existing residents; and
  7. The proposal helps to maintain and promote independent living and improves health and well-being

3.1.25 There are several former local authority housing developments in Gloucester of varying age. The City Council supports the regeneration of housing estates such as these where it can be demonstrated that the physical condition of this housing stock is considered not fit for purpose and alternative options have been robustly considered. Any redevelopment to provide new accommodation must meet the needs of existing and future residents and, as with all other planning applications, be compliant with other policies within the JCS and GCP.

3.1.26 These established housing areas often have existing assets both in terms of the built and natural environment, but also in terms of residents and the communities they have created. It is important that the positive aspects of past housing developments are not lost and that any regeneration initiatives genuinely enhance the neighbourhoods and the communities involved. The council would encourage the use of independent community advisors and community builders throughout the process.

3.1.27 The redevelopment of affordable housing provides an opportunity to improve community infrastructure, health and wellbeing, and access to jobs and services.

3.1.28 The City Council is in the process of preparing Supplementary Planning Documents for the areas of Matson and Podsmead. These SPDs provide additional guidance to support any future regeneration in these areas and should be considered as part of future planning applications.