Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy A10: Annexes to existing dwellings


Annexes to existing dwellings will be granted planning permission where it can be demonstrated that there is a clear need to accommodate a relative, dependant or full-time carer and the proposal meets the following criteria:

  1. There is a functional link with the principal dwelling; the accommodation provided within the annexe is ancillary and there remains a reliance on the connection with the main dwelling; and
  2. Is of a subservient design and scale to the existing dwelling; and
  3. Is in the same ownership as the principal dwelling; and
  4. There will be no boundary demarcation or sub-division of garden areas between the proposed annexe and the principal dwelling.

3.1.54 Residential annexes are a common form of development that allows a relative or dependent to live with their family. The accommodation is ancillary to the main dwelling and is sited within the residential curtilage. The resident of the annex should be clearly associated with the occupants of the principal dwelling house e.g. dependent relatives or domestic staff working for the residents of the principal dwelling. The annex should form part of the same "planning unit" by sharing the same access, parking area and garden.

3.1.55 The City Council will normally seek to add a planning condition to any permission to secure its continued use as an annex ancillary to the main dwelling. This is in order to avoid the development being later used by an unrelated occupant or as an independent dwelling.

3.1.56 Concerns can exist in respect of flood risk to vulnerable occupiers of ground floor annexes proposed in Flood Zones 2 and 3. Where there is no internal door linking an annex with the rest of an existing house a Flood Risk Assessment appropriate for a new dwelling will be needed to assess flood risk to occupiers of the annex.