Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy B1: Employment and skills plans

For housing development of 10 or more units and major commercial development of 1,000 sq. m or more of new internal floorspace, applicants will be required to submit an Employment and Skills Plan (ESP). The ESP will be proportionate to the scale of the proposal and identify opportunities for the employment and skills development of local people through the implementation of the proposal.

The ESP should address priorities identified and agreed at an early stage through consultation with the City Council and local employment and skills agencies. The ESP will have targets reflecting industry standard benchmarks, setting out the outcomes expected from the development.

3.2.8 There is a need for a focused improvement in educational attainment and skills in Gloucester. In order for local people to get jobs it is obvious that they need the right education and skills in order to be aligned with the needs of employers. But employers also need to play their part in giving opportunities to suitably qualified people from the local area. In the long term it is not socially or environmentally sustainable for people to travel long distances to work so employers should be encouraged to recruit locally.

3.2.9 The Gloucester Economic Growth Strategy 2019 (EGS) takes a strategic approach to encouraging employment and skills development, seeking to;

  • Enable more people to enter the labour market with the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to make them employable;
  • Develop a larger and more skilled workforce in line with local employer/labour market needs;
  • Increase the number of apprenticeships available; and
  • Help facilitate a reduction in the number of unemployed and economically inactive people of working age.

3.2.10 In terms of planning and development, the EGS seeks to:

  • Insist that major regeneration schemes in which the Council has a financial interest create employment and skills opportunities for local communities and business opportunities for local suppliers.
  • Require applicants seeking planning consent for major housing development and major commercial development to produce Employment and Skills Plans, identifying opportunities for the employment and skill development of local people.

3.2.11 Further guidance in relation to the preparation and implementation of Employment and Skills Plans is available on the City Council's website.