Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy B5: Tourism and culture


The City Council will support proposals that deliver the Cultural Strategy and Vision (2016 - 2026), or any future iteration. This includesproposals for the provision of new creative workspaces and for the improvement and/or extension of existing tourism, arts and cultural workspace and facilities.

Where the proposal includes 'main town centre uses', the applicant must demonstrate compliance with the sequential test and impact test, as set out at Policy SD2 of the adopted Joint Core Strategy.

3.2.26 Gloucester has a strong and unique culture and tourism offer, with Gloucester Cathedral, the Docks, over 700 Listed buildings, Roman heritage, Gloucester Rugby, thriving festivals and events, museums and cultural venues such as the Guildhall. At the same time, it is recognized that the city lags other cities and towns of a similar size or status. In response to this, the City Council and the Gloucester Culture Trust have ambitions to build on current strengths and develop and cultural and arts offer of the city further. Further opportunity is identified in the City Council's adopted Heritage Strategy (2019) in terms of the role that the historic environment can play in underpinning the delivery of quality places, tourism and culture.

3.2.27 The City Council will therefore support proposals that seek to deliver the tourism and cultural offer of the city. Applicants should have regard to other relevant policies in the adopted JCS and GCP, for example in relation to development affecting designated and non-designated heritage assets and accessibility for all.

3.2.28 Where a proposal is for a main town centre use outside of the city centre boundary, the applicant will need to apply the sequential test and impact test om accordance with the Joint Core Strategy.