Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy C1: Active design and accessibility

Development proposals must clearly demonstrate:

  1. A layout that fully accords with the principles of Active Design outlined by Sport England, or any future iteration:
  2. The proposal meets the highest possible standards of accessible and inclusive design, meeting the following principles:
    (i)The development can be used safely, easily and with dignity by all regardless of ability, age, gender, ethnicity or economic circumstances; and
    (ii) The development is convenient and welcoming with no disabling barriers, so everyone can use them independently without undue effort, separation or special treatment.

3.3.7 The location, accessibility, layout and design of developments have the potential to either positively or negatively impact on the extent to which people can make healthy choices and lead active lives.

3.3.8 Cycling and walking is often more cost effective and therefore brings opportunities for access and inclusion across a wider number of income groups. Gloucester is a relatively flat and compact city making it ideal for walking and cycling. Applicants will be expected to maximise all viable options to improve the opportunities for walking and cycling in and around proposed developments.

3.3.9 Active design promotes healthy lifestyles that are made easy through: the pattern of development, providing access to local services and facilities, good levels of connectivity, green spaces and green routes, safe places for active play, and spaces for food growing. All of which will be accessible by walking or cycling. Developers will be required to demonstrate how their proposals accord with the 10 Principles of Active Design outlined by Sport England in "Active Design: Planning for Health and Wellbeing through Sport and Physical Activity', or any future iteration.

3.3.10 Cycle parking, cycle storage, accessibility and walking distances shall meet the guidance provided in Manual for Gloucestershire Streets 4th Edition and any subsequent amendments from County Highways.

3.3.11 Good design should reflect the diversity of people who use it and not impose unnecessary barriers of any kind. People of all ages, genders, ethnicity, economic circumstance, those with both physical and learning disabilities in our community should be able to access and feel safe in all new developments. This includes extensions to all public buildings and the design and layout of public open spaces and playgrounds.