Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy C2: Allotments

Existing allotments are protected from redevelopment to alternative uses, unless alternative provision is made by the developer, of equivalent or better quality, in an accessible and appropriate location to the community where the loss would occur.

Provision of new allotments will be supported where they would meet identified need within a community.

3.3.12 Gloucester is a small urban authority with an increasing population and finite land supply. Allotments are an incredibly important resource, supporting local food growth, physical activity and health and wellbeing. Within the city there are public allotments sites which collectively provide 652 individual allotments on 16 hectares of land. At the time of writing, there are waiting lists for all of the allotment sites. It is therefore important to protect against the loss of city's existing allotments sites.

3.3.13 Opportunities for new allotments are limited, however where demand arises and the proposal is in a suitable location to meet that demand, they will be supported by the City Council.