Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy C4: Hot food takeaways

Proposals for hot food takeaways, including mobile catering units must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The design of the unit, including its ventilation and bin storage would not have a significant adverse impact on the visual amenity of the area; and
  2. There would not be a significant adverse impact on the amenities of occupants of neighbouring properties within a reasonable distance of the proposed location in terms of noise, traffic disturbance, odour, litter, light or hours of operation; and
  3. There would not be a severe impact on the surrounding highway network, traffic safety or create unacceptable parking issues; and
  4. The proposal incorporates adequate waste storage and disposal facilities; and
  5. There should be a minimum of two non-A5 units, or at least 10 metres, between the units, whichever is greater.
  6. Outside of the city centre, district centres and local centres, that the proposal is not within 400 metres of a secondary school or college.

3.3.21 Planning can influence the built environment to improve health and reduce obesity and excess weight in local communities. Local planning authorities have a role in enabling a healthier environment by supporting opportunities for communities to access a wide range of healthier food production and consumption choices.

3.3.22 Gloucester has several health issues connected with obesity that need to be addressed. Public Health England (PHE) reports that in 2017/18 66.3% of adults and 36.8% of children in Year 6 were overweight. Reducing obesity, particularly among children, is one of the priorities of (PHE and the government's 'Childhood Obesity Plan'). Being overweight increases a person's risk of developing cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

3.3.23 To help tackle childhood obesity through supporting healthy behaviours, hot food takeaways will not be permitted within 400 metres of a secondary schools or colleges. Primary schools have been excluded as children in this age group are normally restricted from leaving the school premises at breaktimes.

3.3.24 The policy also aims to control the clustering of hot food take-aways in order to retain a balanced mix of shops and services within local centres and to preserve the amenity of the local environment by controlling the noise, smells and general disturbance generated from the use.