Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy C6: Cordon sanitaire

Development likely to be adversely affected by smell from Netheridge Sewage Works, within the Cordon Sanitaire defined on the policies map, will not be permitted.

3.3.31 Severn Trent Water PLC (Severn Trent) is responsible for sewerage and sewage disposal. They operate Netheridge Sewage Treatment Works (NSTW) south of Hempsted, a facility that processes a significant amount of waste from Gloucester City and beyond. The fields adjoining Netheridge are used for sludge disposal that, in addition to the works itself, create unavoidable smell problems within the area. In order to reasonably prevent development that would be adversely affected by smell, a cordon sanitaire area is shown on the proposals map within which development will not be permitted.

3.3.32 To support this policy, an assessment of odour nuisance arising from NSTW has been undertaken and has informed the boundary on the policies map. The study is informed by a review of odour complains, odour surveys, a detailed dispersion model assessment and a review of a previous model assessment. Severn Trent were engaged in the review process in order to understand currently and future operations, including plans for any proposed future infrastructure improvements to accommodate additional waste and/or to reduce the impact of odour on the surrounding area. It categorises likely odour nuisance on the basis of odour contours from the sewage works.

3.3.33 The extent of the cordon sanitaire has been drawn on the basis the area most likely to be affected by odour nuisance, within the 3 - 5 odour contour area. This boundary does not represent the absolute limit of the area where smells can be detected but is drawn so as not unreasonably to constrain development in the existing built-up area.