Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy D2: Non-designated heritage assets

Where development affects a non-designated heritage asset, it is necessary to satisfy the following criteria. Development proposals should:

  1. Be of high quality and designed sympathetically to preserve the historic, architectural and archaeological interest.
  2. Respect the surrounding landscape and its setting. 
  3. Seek to enhance the character of the non-designated heritage asset.

Proposals for demolition or total loss of non-designated heritage assets will be subject to a balanced assessment taking into account the significance of the asset, the scale of harm or loss, and that all reasonable steps have been taken to retain the asset, including an assessment of alternative uses.

3.4.14 A building or monument which is identified as being of national importance for its 'special architectural or historic interest' are known as statutory Listed Buildings or scheduled monuments and are given special protection by law. There are, however, many heritage assets (for example buildings, structures, monuments, landscapes and spaces) which, while not satisfying the national criteria, have strong local interest or appearance and contribute significantly to the distinctive character of Gloucester's Historic Environment. These are identified as non-designated heritage assets. All archaeological remains should be considered as non-designated heritage assets. 

3.4.15 Gloucester City Council does not have a formal local list of non-designated heritage assets, but the Council have developed criteria for the identification of undesignated heritage assets which may be suitable for inclusion on a future local list and this is available from the City Council website. These criteria have been developed following Historic England Guidance 'Local Heritage Listing: Historic England Advice Note 7', which is available to download from the Historic England website.

3.4.16 Non-designated heritage assets will continue to be identified as part of the planning application process, Gloucestershire Historic Environment Record and the Gloucester Townscape Character Appraisal (2019), will be given appropriate consideration and may be added to any future Local List.