Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy D4: Shopfronts, shutters and signs

There will be a presumption in favour of retaining good quality traditional shopfronts where they make a positive contribution to the character of an area. The City Council will support the following;

  1. Proposals that retain or reinstate traditional timber shopfront architectural detailing, including timber fascia's and painted signage;
  2. New shopfronts which are of a high quality and respond to the character of the area;
  3. Internal shutters which are open and allow shopfront displays to be prominent in the streetscene;
  4. Signage which is sympathetic to its surroundings and not visually dominant or results in visual clutter;
  5. Illuminated signage which is halo illuminated especially in sensitive historic settings;
  6. Traditional hanging signs in timber on a metal bracket; and
  7. Colours for shopfronts and signage should be sympathetic to the character of a building or area and very bright and garish colours should be avoided.

Proposals to alter or create a new shopfront, shutter or signs should take account of the guidance provided in the Shopfronts, Shutters & Signage Design Guidelines for Gloucester Supplementary Planning Document and any future iterations.

3.4.20 The Shopfront, Shutters and Signage policy will ensure that schemes are well considered and make a positive contribution to the steetscene and wider urban environment. Most people recognise the importance of an attractive central shopping core to the city and encourages tourism providing an attractive environment for business and residents. A high standard of shopfront design, construction and maintenance is one of the most effective ways of improving appearances and changing perceptions of local character and pride. Retention of historic shopfronts and sympathetic signage can help to protect the history of our city, provide opportunity for innovative and imaginative design and can result in a more attractive, richly varied and prosperous environment for residents, traders, workers and visitors alike.

3.4.21 Proposals should accord with the City Council's Shopfronts, Shutters & Signage Design Guidelines for Gloucester Supplementary Planning Document (2017) or any future iteration. This document provides information on general design guidelines to be used during the design or alterations to shopfronts, shutters and signs across the city and will be used to support the regeneration of Gloucester.