Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy E3: Nature Recovery Area

The Severn Vale Nature Recovery Area (NRA) as shown on the policies map has been identified as an area for biodiversity offsetting as part of achieving biodiversity net gain when proposals cannot deliver enhancements on site or at priority Green Infrastructure projects.

Development proposals within the NRA, or in an area ecologically related to it, should identify the biodiversity constraints and opportunities. Applicants should show how the proposal will help to achieve net gain for biodiversity in keeping with the species and habitat priorities identified in consultation with the Local Nature Partnership (LNP) or future equivalent body.

3.5.14 The Severn Vale Nature Recovery Area (NRA) lies to the west of Gloucester in the floodplain of the River Severn. The NRA (within Gloucester City) is just a small part of a much larger strategically important ecological network. Improvements and enhancements in the NRA will be part of a long-term strategy whereby the City Council, working with a range of stakeholders, will work to realize the potential of a Regional park or similar for the Severn Vale.

3.5.15 Target species currently identified for the Severn Vale NRA are: Brown Hare, Otter, Water Vole, Reed Bunting, Farmland Birds, Curlew, Herring gull, True Fox Sedge, Bullfinch, Bewick Swan, all bat species, Great Crested Newt, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, House Sparrow, Starling, Noble Chafer, Mistletoe Marble Moth and the Harvest Mouse. The priorities may be subject to change due to ongoing renewal of evidence and will be determined by the LNP.

3.5.16 Target habitats for the Severn Vale NRA are:

  • Lowland Meadows - management, restoration and creation
  • Coastal and Floodplain Grazing Marsh - management, restoration and creation
  • Traditional Orchards - management, restoration and creation
  • Ponds - management, restoration and creation (particularly of pond complexes)
  • Wet Woodland - management and creation
  • Hedgerows - management and restoration
  • Arable Field Margins - management and creation
  • Reed bed - creation
  • Coastal Saltmarsh and Intertidal Mudflats - creation
  • Lowland Mixed Deciduous Woodland - management and restoration

3.5.17 This list is not exclusive, and priorities may be subject to change due to the ongoing renewal of evidence and will be determined in partnership with the LNP or future equivalent body.