Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy E5: Green Infrastructure: Building with Nature


Development must contribute towards the provision, protection and enhancement of Gloucester's Green Infrastructure Network. Contributions should be appropriate and commensurate to the proposal. Major development proposals will be designed in accordance with 'Building with Nature' standards.

3.5.21 JCS Policy INF3 and the associated JCS Green Infrastructure Plan (GIP) seek to connect the urban areas of Gloucester with the high-quality Green Infrastructure (GI) assets of the Cotswold's AONB and the Severn Vale. GI and its associated corridors and links are a vital component of maintaining and enhancing health and wellbeing. It also has functions regarding biodiversity, connecting the ecological network, surface water management, climate change adaption and amenity value. Importantly, it also contributes to mitigating recreational impacts on European designated sites, including Cotswold Beechwoods.

3.5.22 Development should contribute towards this objective, and to the broader network of GI corridors and assets across the city using SuDS, open space, green roofs and walls and tree planting.

3.5.23 Development has the potential to block corridors resulting in the isolation of habitats from the ecological network which is a concern in an urban area such as Gloucester. The rivers, brooks, disused railway corridors, footpaths and open spaces form important corridors linking communities within the city and habitats to the wider countryside. These vital corridors need to be protected and where possible enhanced for their biodiversity value and as pedestrian/cycle routes through the city.

3.5.24 'Building with Nature' was developed by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust in partnership with the University of the West of England and MHCLG. It promotes a new benchmark for the design and maintenance of green infrastructure in housing and commercial development. Further information on Building with Nature is available at

3.5.25 For major developments, the Council will expect developers to use 'Building with Nature' standards to inform development. Compliance should be demonstrated through the Design and Access Statement and/or a site-based green infrastructure strategy.