Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy F1: Materials and finishes


Development proposals should achieve high quality architectural detailing, external materials and finishes that are locally distinctive. Developments should make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the locality and respect the wider landscape.

Innovative modern materials will be encouraged where they strongly compliment local distinctiveness.

3.6.5 Local distinctiveness in the built environment is founded on the understanding of the characteristics and influences of the locality, particularly its landscape quality and corresponding use of materials. Understanding this can help to shape our modern communities, giving them a sense of history and distinct local identity whilst supporting sustainable development using locally sourced materials and promoting traditional skills.

3.6.6 Development will be expected to complement and enhance the varied built environment, creating interesting and attractive buildings and places. It is important that new developments are designed to a high standard to ensure an attractive and functional place for people to live, work and visit to deliver prosperity and help attract inward investment. The City Council's Townscape Character Assessment (2019) provides detailed information regarding the character and local distinctiveness of Gloucester. Applicants should use this evidence to inform proposals and demonstrate how this has been addressed through the Design and Access Statement.

3.6.7 Attention to detail can really make or hinder the overall design, appearance and quality of a place. Particular attention will be paid to: finishes, materials, joins and fixing methods between materials, window sills (double sub-sill window sills are architecturally inappropriate), window reveals, window design, lintels, door design, the placement of meter boxes, flues, vents, chimneys, gutters and down water pipes, aerials, antenna and boundary treatments (although this list is not exhaustive).

3.6.8 The wider landscape of a scheme needs to be carefully considered. New developments should avoid the use of light coloured or reflective roofing materials so that the development doesn't have undue prominence when viewed from the surround landscape.