Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy F2: Landscape and planting


Major development proposalsmust be accompanied by a landscape scheme, incorporating hard landscape and planting details. Such plans must:

  1. Exhibit a design and choice of hard materials, boundary treatment and planting appropriate to the particular location and existing landscape character, or create a new and distinctive character where this is currently lacking; and
  2. Retain and incorporate existing natural features such as trees, hedges and watercourses, where possible; and
  3. Ensure, in appropriate developments, especially housing schemes, that adequate space is provided for the planting and maturing of suitable large-scale trees; and
  4. Indicate areas of public open space and amenity land that are proposed for adoption and provide full details of who will be adopting and maintaining the spaces.

Where appropriate, the use of native species in planting schemes will be required.

3.6.9 Landscape design can do much to enhance a development by providing an appropriate setting for buildings and an environment for people to enjoy. It can define spaces, create shelter and privacy, enhance or screen views, extend wildlife habitats and create identity and character. The landscape scheme must be considered as an integral part of the project from the outset and throughout the design process. Where appropriate, the layout, implementation and management of landscape schemes will be achieved by the use of planning conditions.

3.6.10 The use of native species in new planting schemes, particularly species that are indigenous to the Gloucester vale, will help to increase biodiversity in the city. Using local species means that they:

  • Grow better as they are adapted to the local climate
  • Suit their local context (e.g. urban edge sites)
  • Support significantly more species of fauna.

3.6.11 The use of seed and plant stock of local provenance will also be encouraged. Consideration should also be given to the changing climate ensuring that species are chosen that can withstand the effects of climate change.

3.6.12 Where appropriate hard landscaping schemes should accord the Gloucester Public Realm Strategy (2017) and any subsequent amendments.