Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy F5: Open plan estates


Enclosure of front and side gardens and unusable strips of land will be allowed on existing open plan estates provided that the land to be enclosed does not adjoin a footpath link and its enclosure does not harm the visual amenity or community safety of the locality.

3.6.21 Open plan estates have a unique character and appearance. Erecting fences and walls can erode this character and can create an unattractive piecemeal appearance to boundary treatments.

3.6.22 Extending the boundary treatment of gardens to incorporate amenity land can reduce the feeling of openness When the boundary is adjacent to a footpath enclosing the surrounding amenity space can have a negative impact on visual amenity and community safety by narrowing the overall width of the footway and its landscaping. This can reduce views along the footpath and make the footpath feel more enclosed and less safe to use.