Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy F6: Nationally Described Space Standards


Development proposals for new residential development (including change of use or conversions) must meet Nationally Described Space Standards.

3.6.23 The NPPF states makes clear that it is important to plan for the achievement of high quality and inclusive design for all development, including individual buildings. Housing developments should be of the highest possible quality internally, externally and in relation to their local context. All new housing should have sufficient internal space to cater for a variety of different household needs, with the aim of promoting high standards of liveability, accessibility and comfort.

3.6.24 To support this policy, the City Council undertook an analysis of the gross internal floorspace of a range of dwellings delivered in the city over the past three years against the Nationally Described Space Standards (NDSS). During this time, a total of 1,451 units were constructed, an average of 483 per year. Of these dwellings 144 were assessed, a sample size of 30%. The analysis demonstrates that just over 51% of the homes delivered met the standard, with a further 19% almost meeting the standard (3.5 sq m short or less). This means that 30% of new homes did not meet the NDSS. For detailed analysis is available in the Housing Background Paper, available to download from the City Council's website.

3.6.25 Poor internal space is linked to poorer health (specifically mental health) and poorer educational achievement. Where new dwellings are created with sufficient internal space inhabitants are afforded a range of benefits including; the ability to better socialise with family members and guests, sufficient storage, greater flexibility in arranging rooms to suit need, the ability to work from home, space for effectively managing waste and recycling, adequate access to daylight and ventilation and allowance for adaptation should inhabitants suffer from permanent or temporary impaired mobility.

3.6.26 Gloucester City Council places great weight on the quality of life and health and wellbeing of its residents. For this reason, the NDDS have been adopted. Development will be robustly assessed against the standards set out in Technical Housing Standards - Nationally Described Space Standard March 2015, or any standards revoking or superseding those standards.