Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy G3: Cycling

Cycle lanes and paths that make up Gloucester's existing cycle network will be protected and development that promotes new routes and improved cycle security will be encouraged.

The Council wish to encourage comprehensive city-wide cycling initiatives in line with the County Council's Local Transport Plan. Working with Gloucestershire County Council and other partners, the Council will support development leading to:

1. Improvement of cycle routes to sustainable transport hubs.

2. Cycle access improvements to the:

(a) Outer ring road corridor in Gloucester

(b) Canal towpath

(c) A40 corridor between Gloucester and Cheltenham.

3.7.16 Gloucester is relatively flat and is a good place to cycle. Cycling is increasingly popular and arguably if routes and facilities were better and safer, the take-up would be even greater. Cycling as an activity and a mode of transport has very few downsides. It is an effective means of transport that can significantly reduce car trips. Cycling contributes towards reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality. It assists with the adoption of healthier lifestyles and can help existing transport networks in towns and cities to run more efficiently.

3.7.17 The extent of Gloucester's existing cycle lanes and paths are outlined in the Gloucestershire Local Transport Plan (2015 - 2031) Policy Document 2 - Cycle (November 2017). The four priorities highlighted in the policy reflect recent work undertaken by the County and City Council and the project delivery priorities on page 23 of the Gloucestershire Local Transport Plan (2015 - 2031) Policy Document 2 - Cycle (November 2017).