Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy G4: Walking


The City Council will support development proposals that protect and enhances convenient, safe and pleasant walking environments within the city and, where appropriate, to areas outside of the City Council's administrative boundary.

New footpaths that link neighbourhoods to each other and to areas of open space and Green Infrastructure will be supported subject to acceptability against other plan policies. Working with Gloucestershire County Council and other partners, the City Council will support development leading to the improvement of walking routes to sustainable transport hubs.

New public realm development should reflect the fact that pedestrians are at the top of the road user's hierarchy.

Proposals that disrupt walking desire lines, reduce the pedestrian legibility or reduce pedestrian connectivity will not generally be supported.

3.7.18 For most people walking as a leisure activity or as a means of getting about is an important part of daily life. Gloucester is a relatively small city which is also quite flat, and it is possible to walk right across the city in a reasonable time frame.

3.7.19 Regularly walking in a safe and pleasant environment can have major benefits for health and wellbeing and where there is an opportunity for walking there is generally also the opportunity for jogging / running. Good quality, connected and accessible footpaths can encourage people to walk to access local shops, services or sustainable transport connections, supporting more active lifestyles and reducing the use of the private car.

3.7.20 Working together the City Council and Gloucestershire County Council are particularly keen to promote improvements in walking routes to sustainable transport hubs i.e. the new bus station and railway station.