Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy G6: Telecommunications infrastructure


Development proposals for telecommunications infrastructure must demonstrate that the development would not have an adverse impact upon the environment (including heritage assets, biodiversity, local amenity, the landscape and its setting).

In siting any equipment, every effort must be made to minimise visual impact. Proposals will be expected to use/share existing structures of buildings where possible.

Where an installation becomes redundant for telecommunication purposes, the infrastructure and all associated apparatus and structures shall be removed by the developer or operator, and the site reinstated in accordance with proposals approved at the application stage.

3.7.23 The City Council supports the introduction of modern communications networks, which are essential to support the growing demand for improved communications. However, this has land-use implications in the form of structures such as masts, aerials and satellite dishes and this in turn has implications for the surrounding area.

3.7.24 Planning applications for new telecommunications infrastructure will be required to balance environmental, visual, amenity and health concerns with the future development needs of the mobile technology networks. Mobile phone masts and antennas should always be located and designed to respect their context and the amenity of those living, working or spending time in the locality.

3.7.25 Well-designed telecommunications equipment might be painted an appropriate colour to relate to background and surroundings or existing features. Prominent building-mounted antennas and equipment might be appropriately disguised and camouflaged to blend in with the building and streetscape. Equipment cabinets should be kept to a minimum and should be as small and unobtrusive as reasonably practical.

3.7.26 Where proposed development may affect a footpath or the public highway, applicants should have regard to how equipment siting may affect pedestrian movements and visibility splays for all highway users. Good, safe access for service vehicles to the proposed apparatus should also be demonstrated. The City Council will consult the highway authority on these matters where appropriate.