Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy SA13: Former Colwell Youth & Community Centre

Ward / Postcode / GeoRef

Barton & Tredworth / GL1 4BD (nearest Sydney Street) / E: 384220 N: 218107

Gross Site Area:

0.18 ha.


Residential: Approximately 20 dwellings.

Description and overview

Redundant former school building and car park. The site provides the opportunity to provide new homes in a predominantly residential area. The building should be retained and converted.

Site specific requirements and opportunities

Design and layout

  • The building and the boundary treatments should be preserved and enhanced to make the most of this attractive building that makes a positive contribution to the streetscene.
  • Any proposed new development to the car park area will need to be considerate to the amenity of the adjacent existing two-storey residential properties.
  • Overlooking of the pedestrian link to Metz way is encouraged provided it can be achieved whilst being sensitive to the amenity of the adjacent residential properties.
  • Any proposed solar panels to the roof will need to be assessed to ensure there is no glint caused to the users of the elevated roadway Metz Way.

Historic environment

  • Existing building is considered a candidate for the 'Local List' in the City Council's Townscape Character Appraisal (2019).
  • Built Heritage Assessment of significance and character.


  • Incorporate green roofs or walls as part of any development of this site.