Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy SA20: White City Community Facility

Ward / Postcode / GeoRef

Matson & Robinswood / GL4 6UW / E: 383749 N: 216444

Gross Site Area:

0.42 ha.


Community facility

Description and overview

There is an identified need for new community facility in the White City area of the city, to replace that lost at the former St Aldates site. A new community facility on this site must deliver for the needs of the local community and complement the multi-use health and wellbeing facility proposed at Blackbridge Sports and Community Hub (Site Allocation SA06).

Part of the site is a playground with various apparatus and amenity grassland. The other half of the site is amenity grassland with a cultivated patch used by the neighbouring allotments. It is bordered to the west by a railway line, and allotments and green space to the north. To the south and east of the site are residential areas.

Site specific requirements and opportunities

Design and layout

  • Careful consideration should be given to the impact to the adjacent bungalows. Development should be set away and set down from these properties.
  • Any proposed building will need to respond to the residential setting and character of the area and be domestic in scale.
  • The properties opposite the site have limited front gardens and windows overlooking the site. Consideration should be given to the location of the site access, hours of operation, and scale of development to ensure that existing residents are not unduly impacted by any intensification of use at the site or additional vehicular movements.

Open space

  • Facilitate better use existing open space (Open Space Strategy reference MR13: White City Open Space, Northfield Road).


  • Retention of some brownfield land adjacent to the railway, and/or basic enhancements such as trees, hedges and planting for pollinators.
  • Bird survey: Not required, but vegetation scheduled for removal between March and August must be checked for evidence of breeding birds.
  • Reptile survey: Not required, but vegetation should be removed during the active season in a phased manner.