Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy SA21: Part of West Quay, the Docks

Ward / Postcode / GeoRef

Westgate / GL2 5HQ / E: 382574 N: 218207

Gross Site Area:

0.7 ha.


Main town centre uses, including approximately 20 dwellings.

Please note, the allocation does not include Alexander Warehouse.

Description and overview

An attractive dockside site adjacent to Gloucester's historic dry docks. The site is currently utilised by a range of different uses including Gloucester Brewery and the Furniture Recycling Project. The site offers the opportunity for a redevelopment to better reflect the character of the wider area, including the Listed Alexandra Warehouse and setting, and its location with the Docks Conservation Area.

Site specific requirements and opportunities

Design and layout

  • Protect the amenity and business activities of the T. Neilson & Company who operate the Dry Dock.
  • Opportunity to provide additional overlooking to Llanthony Road.
  • Public realm will need to be addressed to bring together a cohesive overall appearance that relates to the wider Docks area.

Historic environment

  • Site located within The Docks Conservation Area; new development must therefore positively respond to The Docks Conservation Area Appraisal and Management document.
  • Respect and enhance the setting of the Listed Alexandra Warehouse.
  • Archaeological desk-based assessment and further evaluation.


  • Green roofs/walls should be utilised on this site.
  • Creation of bat habitat and roosts as well as swift blocks and the provision for house martins.
  • Bat survey: Building inspections (and any required emergence/re-entry surveys).
  • Birds: None, but vegetation scheduled for removal between March and August must be checked for evidence of breeding birds.

Flood risk and water

  • A site-specific Flood Risk Assessment is required if any development located within Flood Zones 2 or 3 or is greater than one hectare. Other sources of flooding should also be considered.
  • Assessment and implementation of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in accordance with general advice and site-specific recommendations in the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) Level 2 (September 2019).
  • Consideration to be given to the protection of water quality during construction and operation.