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Response Date 13 Feb 2020
Do you consider the document is Sound? No
Do you consider the document is Legally Compliant? Yes
Do you consider the Gloucester City Plan complies with the Duty to Co-Operate? No
Please use the box below to provide your answer. Consultation response from the Marine Planning Team, Marine Management Organisation. Please ensure this response is read in its entirety.

After reading the Gloucester City Plan, for the local plan to be sound there should be a clear inclusion of marine planning in line with the NPPF and Marine and Coastal Access Act (MCAA).

NPPF: 166. In coastal areas, local planning authorities should take account of the UK Marine Policy Statement and marine plans and apply Integrated Coastal Zone Management across local authority and land/sea boundaries, ensuring integration of the terrestrial and marine planning regimes.

MCAA: 58(1). A public authority must take any authorisation or enforcement decision in accordance with the appropriate marine policy documents.
MCAA: 58(3). A public authority must have regard to the appropriate marine policy documents in taking any decision which relates to the exercise of any function capable of affecting the whole or any part of the UK marine area.

The PAS soundness self-assessment checklist also states a recommended requirement to “take account of marine planning” as under the duty to co-operate and the Marine and Coastal Access Act, landlocked as well as coastal planning authorities must take the marine planning system into account during plan preparation.
Please use the box below to provide your answer. We recommend reference to the legal duty to co-operate with the Marine Management Organisation, as well as reference to Marine Planning, the Marine Policy Statement, and the Draft South West Marine Plan which is currently out to public consultation and therefore a material consideration.

The marine planning remit is directly for coastal and marine waters up to the mean high water spring mark where Gloucester city council extends to the mean low water spring mark (we can supply a GIS layer of the spatial extent for any policy maps if you wish). The area covered by the Gloucester City Plan lies within the South West Marine Plan Area therefore, it is recommended to ensure your plan is ‘sound’ that it includes a reference to the Draft South West Marine Plan.

You may wish to refer to the Draft South West Marine Plan, the UK Marine Policy Statement (MPS), our online guidance, the Marine Information System and the Planning Advisory Service soundness self-assessment checklist.
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