Publication: Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan

Pre-Submission City Plan

Policy SA01: Land at the Wheatridge

Ward / Postcode / GeoRef

SA01 / Abbeydale / GL4 5DF / E: 386060 N: 215495

Gross Site Area:

2.28 ha

(Note: a minimum of 1.6 ha is required for a primary school).


Two Form Entry Primary School, plus approximately 10 residential dwellings.

Description and overview

Greenfield site located within Abbeymead to the east of the city in a predominantly residential area. The site was originally reserved for a primary school when the estate was originally granted planning permission but was not needed at that time. However, the County Council as education authority have now identified a potential need for a new Two Form Entry Primary School within the plan period, in response to housing growth in the wider area.

In addition to the Primary School, in order to make the best use of the site, approximately ten additional dwellings can be accommodated within the site. A minimum of 1.6 hectares is required for the Primary School, the remaining land being available for residential development.

The need for the Primary School is dependent upon regeneration initiatives at Matson coming forward. If these do not, it is accepted that the site can come forward for 100% residential development. In this case the Council would expect approximately 50 residential dwellings and open space to include a Locally Equipped Area for Play.

Site specific requirements and opportunities

Design and layout

  • Maintain and increase tree cover across the site.
  • Connect with the Ash Path, providing overlooking whilst retaining the tranquillity of the path.
  • The layout of any buildings should be placed to reduce any negative impacts to the amenity of the neighbouring properties.

Open space

  • A Two Form Entry Primary School doesn't require any specific open space; however, it will be required to include play space for pupils. If the site doesn't come forward for a Primary School and instead delivered approximately 50 new residential dwellings, the City Council expects new open space to include a Locally Equipped Area for Play in order to address a locally identified shortfall.

Historic environment

  • Archaeological assessment.


  • Improved connectivity to local areas of woodland including Hucclecote Meadow SSSI, possibly via the M5 embankment and farmland to the east of the M5. On site opportunities should be taken to implement species rich grassland and improvements to the species mix of hedgerows.
  • Bat survey: To assess their use of linear features such as hedges.
  • Bird survey: Not required, but vegetation scheduled for removal between March and August must be checked for evidence of breeding birds.
  • Reptile survey: To assess presence.