Draft Gloucester City Plan 2016 - 2031

Draft Gloucester City Plan

Longlevens Ward

4.29     Longlevens ward is an attractive suburb to the north of the city. It has a good quality housing stock and facilities including an excellent library, popular primary schools, sports facilities and shops. The ward is home to the University of Gloucestershire Oxstalls Campus. There are good public transport links to the city centre and also to Churchdown and Cheltenham.

SA10: Land off Leven Close

Site description and overview:

The site is a former playing fields surrounded by residential uses. The access to the site is locked and therefore it is not public open space. Current access is off Paygrove Lane. The site is in close proximity to Longlevens Infant School.  It was previously used as playing fields for use by the wider community and local schools, although it is understood this was a significant time ago. The site offers the opportunity for a limited amount of residential development whilst creating a significant amount of public open space and /or playing pitches for use by the wider community.

Gross site area: 1.4 ha.

Summary of responses to previous consultation:

  • Loss of playing fields will be detrimental.
  • Need to check BGS maps for this site.

Proposed allocation:

  • A residential development of 20 dwellings with open space and/or playing pitches.


  • The site has been shown to contain some archaeological remains – archaeological mitigation may be required as part of any development.
  • Previous use as playing fields.

Sustainability Appraisal findings:

  • Potential minor negative impacts on the historic environment.

Site specific requirements:

  • 20 dwellings.
  • Comprehensive SUDS scheme required.
  • Open space / playing pitches.