Draft Gloucester City Plan 2016 - 2031

Draft Gloucester City Plan

Quedgeley Fieldcourt Ward

4.32     Quedgeley Fieldcourt is the most southerly of Gloucester’s wards. It is divided east and west by the A38. To the east is the older and more established area of Quedgeley and to the west is a rapidly developing area of new housing and employment development. This area includes Waterwells Business Park, and major County Infrastructure namely the Gloucestershire Constabulary building and the Compass House Custody Suite. 


SA13: Land East of Waterwells Business Park

Site description and overview:

This is a greenfield site with a small number of dwellings in the centre. The site is bounded by the railway line to the east and by employment development (off Brunel Court and Marconi Drive) to the west. To the south lie open fields. Naas Lane runs through the site and provides access via a narrow railway tunnel to Brookthorpe and Colethrop in Stroud District. About one quarter of the site is consented for employment use.

Gross site area: 6.1 ha for residential / 1.8 ha for employment

Summary of responses to previous consultation:

  • Residential development will be the most appropriate on this site.
  • Evidence is needed to test the transport impact of this proposed allocation and in particular the additional traffic which would use Junction 12 of the M5. Additionally what mitigation measures will accompany the development?
  • The site is better suited to residential development as opposed to employment use. Necessary community services are now becoming available in this area.
  • The best road/access through would be at the rear of Waterwells Business Park, but would be interested in looking at alternative routes in to the land.

Proposed allocation:

  • Residential development, 150 dwellings.
  • 1.8 ha of employment land.


  • The site has the potential to contain significant archaeological remains. Further built heritage and archaeological assessment and mitigation may be required. (See Site Historic Environment Assessments for the SALA).
  • Part of the site is in Flood Zones 2 & 3.

Sustainability Appraisal findings:

  • Major negative SA scores for soil quality. Problematical and improbable because of known sustainability issues; mitigation likely to be difficult and/or expensive.
  • Minor negative SA scores for townscape / landscape and health.

Site specific requirements:

  • 150 dwellings.
  • Enhanced pedestrian routes to Kingsway.
  • Integration with Hunts Grove development (Stroud District).
  • Open space provision.
  • Equipped children’s play area.
  • Contribution to formal sport.