Draft Gloucester City Plan 2016 - 2031

Draft Gloucester City Plan

3.0 Development management policies


3.0       Development Management Policies

3.1       This section contains the Draft GCP Development Management policies. These policies will be used by Officers and Members in the determination of planning applications. New development will be required to accord with these policies in order to ensure that the plan delivers developments that meet the vision and key principles.

3.2       The policies are set out in the following topic sections:

  • A: Housing
  • B: Economic Development
  • C: Retail and the City Centre
  • D: Health and Wellbeing
  • E: Historic Environment
  • F: Natural Environment
  • G: Design
  • H: Sustainable Transport
  • I: Infrastructure

3.3       Each topic section begins with a summary of the key issues, an outline of the key evidence used in the policy development and a signpost to the relevant NPPF paragraphs and JCS policies. Further information is available in the topic papers that underpin each of the sections – these are available to download from www.gloucester.gov.uk/cityplan