Draft Gloucester City Plan 2016 - 2031

Draft Gloucester City Plan

Abbeydale ward

4.25     Abbeydale is one of Gloucester’s smaller wards.  It was formerly part of the larger ‘Abbey Ward’ but in recent boundary changes ‘Abbey’ was split into Abbeymead to the west (including part of Hucclecote) and Abbeydale to the east. Abbeydale is a popular area of the city with good quality modern housing stock and facilities. The ward is constrained by the M5 motorway on its southern boundary, but has functional links with Upton St Leonards in Stroud District.

SA01: Land at ‘The Wheatridge’

Site description and overview:

The site is greenfield. It is currently vacant, grassed land surrounded by residential development on all sides. There are a number of mature trees on the boundary and in the centre of the site. This site was included as a development opportunity in the 2013 City Plan Sites consultation.

Gross site area: 2.28 ha.

Summary of responses to previous consultation:  

  • This part of Abbey/Upton currently suffers from a general lack of public open space, and it is critical to the local people and wildlife that this area is left untouched.
  • Need for open space, used by dog walkers, pedestrians, horses.
  • It’s a nature corridor and habitats for wildlife will be lost.
  • Concerns about the impact on the road junction.
  • Any development should be small, keep as much of the field as possible.

Proposed allocation:

  • Residential development of up to 50 dwellings with formal public open space.
  • The site is also potentially suitable for educational use.


  • The site has unknown archaeological potential. Further archaeological assessment and mitigation may be required. 

Sustainability Appraisal findings:

  • Minor negative SA scores for soil quality and landscape.

Site specific requirements:

  • At least 50 dwellings.
  • New public open space.
  • Neighbourhood area for children’s play.
  • Archaeological assessment.