Local List (Heritage) Consultation

Gloucester City Council is working in partnership with Great Place, a National Lottery Heritage Fund and Arts Council funded scheme to create a local list for Gloucester. Our starting point is to review buildings, structures, archaeological sites, green spaces and locations that have been identified over the last couple of years as a result of evidence base work for the City Plan relating to the Townscape Character Appraisal of the City and site analysis assessment for housing allocations, together with, routine planning applications. This will be undertaken by volunteers in the summer.  The Local List recognises buildings, monuments, sites, places, areas and landscapes with special local architectural, archaeological or historic interest.

The criteria has been established following Historic England Guidance "Local Heritage Listing: Historic England Advice Note 7" which can be found online at https://historicengland.org.uk/images-books/publications/local-heritage-listing-advice-note-7/  

If you have any comments, please respond via the online consultation (link below) by 5pm 16th July 2019.

What is the Local List of heritage assets?

A Local List is a list of heritage assets within the district considered by the public, and council, as having special local architectural, archaeological or historic interest, but that are not on the statutory list compiled by Historic England. The heritage assets included in the Local List are considered to be of significance to the local community and to contribute to the environmental and cultural heritage of Gloucester City.

The term 'Heritage Asset' is described in the National Planning Policy Framework NPPF as ' A building, monument, site, place, area or landscape identified as having a degree of significance meriting consideration in planning decision, because of its heritage interest'. Heritage assets include designated heritage assets and assets identified by the local planning authority (including Local Listing).

The Local List:

  • provides clear, comprehensive and current information about non-designated heritage assets that exist within Gloucester
  • helps to develop a better understanding of what local communities consider to be important in the local historic environment
  • celebrates the rich variety of features that gives Gloucester its unique distinctive and character

Next steps –

Once the criteria for developing the local list has been adopted volunteers will survey a pilot selection of assets for inclusion on the list over the summer and these will be assessed by a panel of experts and these will be reviewed against the criteria adopted. Once this has been undertaken there will be a further opportunity to comment on those assets proposed to be included and the aim is for the initial pilot to be adopted and completed by 31st March 2020. Should this be successful and subject to further funding the Council and its partners will look to expand the local list and seek nominations from the public for inclusion to the local list.

If you would like to know more about the scheme or comment on the criteria established, please contact either –

Charlotte Bowles-Lewis Principal Conservation Officer, Gloucester City Council heritage@gloucester.gov.uk or phone 01452 396855

Sarah Orton, Community Engagement & Volunteer Officer, Gloucester Culture Trust email sarah@gloucesterculture.org.uk or phone 01452 318218 



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